Leading threat analysis and protection solutions

Open malware analysis, network reputation and threat intelligence platform. Email, Web, and Content Security solutions built on next-generation security architecture.

Email Security
Next generation comprehensive email security solution

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Secure DNS
Unique DNS layer security protection and control

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Advanced Threat Protection
Leading automated malicious behavior analysis and intelligence

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Malware Analysis

Malware/URL behavior analysis:
Maldun Sandbox is a free malware and URL analysis platform based on virtual execution and real-time behavior analysis. Maldun Sandbox offers comprehensive analysis report, including static, behavior, network, and optional memory and similarity analysis. It generates threat score, malfamily and various types of downloadable reports.

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Web Reputation

WPING.ORG is an open and authoritative network security rating platform. Based on Crowd-Voting concept, it provides interactive network reputation ratings, child safe-browsing advises, and web categories, you can query domain / IP for various detailed data and 100 + global blacklists at one stop, to ensure safe network browsing.

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Cloud-delivered SaaS Security Deployment

Maldun Security focuses on helping business monitor, analyze, and defend threat efficiently with intelligence

  • Security Defense

    In-depth threat analysis, accurate detection of hidden dangers

  • Policy Control

    Unified policy and efficient deployment of access control

  • Threat Traceability

    Advanced Threat Intelligence, interactive visual analysis

  • High Availability

    Cloud driven with flexible deployment options

  • Cost Effective

    Cloud driven with flexible deployment options

  • Continued Innovation

    Cutting-edge analysis technology, powered by AI and TI

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About Maldun

Maldun Security is dedicated to comprehensive content security and advanced threat intelligence driven by deep threat behavior analysis, interactive threat analysis platform, big data, and machine learning. We cover Email security, Web security, as well as End point security with flexible deployment options. With forward-looking design concepts and cutting-edge technology visions, Maldun Security develops innovating security solutions for business partners and customers.

Our Vision

- Simplify sophisticated threat analysis process, provide all-in-one, automated analysis for security analysts
- Integrate advanced threat analysis, machine learning, and threat intelligence into security solutions
- Help customers to identify threats sooner, respond to threats faster and more effectively

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