About Maldun Security

Threat analysis and content security solution provider


About Us

Shanghai Maldun Information Technology Llc (Maldun Security) is a startup information security company founded in 2015. Maldun Security is dedicated to comprehensive content security and advanced threat intelligence driven by deep threat behavior analysis, interactive threat analysis platform, big data, and machine learning. We cover Email security, Web security, as well as End point security with flexible deployment options. With forward-looking design concepts and cutting-edge technology visions, Maldun Security develops innovating security solutions for business partners and customers.

Products & Services

Maldun Security offers both security analysis platform for security enthusiastics as well as security professionals, and customized content security solutions delivered through cloud or traditional deployment. Maldun Security products cover web & endpoint security, email security, and advanced threat defense and analysis. We provide light-weight protection services at the most critical threat entrances, help users and endpoint devices defend threats during internet connections, email communications.

Maldun Security products offer flexible deployment options. They are easy to implement and manage, and can be swiftly intergrated into corporate sesurity solutions together with other security products, which significantly optimized the security investment.

Mission & Vision

  • Simplify sophisticated threat analysis process, provide all-in-one, automatic analysis for security analysts
  • Lower security knowledge requirements, raise security awareness, offer easy-to-understand threat report
  • Help customers to identify threats sooner, respond to threats faster and more effective
  • Promoting cloud delivered security solutions, Create high added-alue for customers