Anti-Spam and Email Security Solution

Next Generation Email Security solutions to detect, block, and predict email based threats


Filter spam

Over 50% percent of the Email volume worldwide is Spam, and Spam significantly affected business efficiency. Phishing Email is now considered as the most common way of initiating cyber crimes, and the Email attachments as well as the links embedded in the Emails are frequently used to spread malware. Business has to defend the Email threat entrance, and to protect critical business assets.

Maldun Email Security Solution combines highly efficient Sender Reputation system, and powerful Spam content deep analysis and filter,with the optional Advanced Threat Protection, it can detect and defend all sorts of email threats. Maldun Email Security Solution offers full coverage and protection, Including flexible and customized attachment analysis, independent anti-phishing module to identify impersonation. Powerful Anti-Spam engine calculates Spam/AD probability with multiple algorithms. Real-time advanced threat analysis to identify and stop unknown threats.

Block advanced threats

Email threat is evolving, and causing more damage than before. Attackerstake advantageous of zero-day exploits, utilize phish/spear-phishing and highly sophisticated malware to steal sensitive information, or encrypt important data to demand ransom. The ordinary Anti-Spam solution or Anti-Virus add-on cannot effectively identify and detect the threats.

Maldun Email Security solution can work seamlessly with the leading Advanced Threat Protection module, to analyze all attachments and URLs in the Emails in real-time. Combined with Maldun Threat Intelligence, it can identify and block email borne threats that other email security solutions cannot deal with.

Email Analysis and Control

With Maldun Email Security solution, Email Security is no longer an isolated black box, but a platform for email threat data, intelligence, and analysis.It provides rich email data/intel to present high-value information, and powerful tools to trace, retrospect threats.

Flexible Deployment

Maldun Email Security solution supports Appliance, Virtual, Cloud, or Hybrid deployment options as you wish. Maldun Email Security Gateway (ESG) can be delivered in hardware appliance, or VMWare Esxi Virtual Machine; While Maldun Email Security Cloud (ESC) offers cloud delivered hosted email security services.