Endpoint Network Security Solution

Unique DNS layer security solution, simplified network security deployment & control


Current Enterprise Network Security Status

       50% 的终端设备为移动设备;70% 的办公室直连互联网。到2018年,25% 的企业网络流量将绕过企业传统安全部署。 企业安全正在从硬件产品向云服务转移,因此云交付的安全服务,灵活覆盖终端的安全服务将至关重要。

Normally installing a 'NEW' security system to an enterprise infrastructure means increased latency, increased network complexity, more memory consumption, and possibly user interference. How to simplify security deployment? How to get rid of passive threat detection? How to identify attacker's network information and generate threat intelligence (server address, IP, domain name, etc.) against the attackers so that we can deploy quickly to unknown threat protection? To be honest, there is no standalone security product that can detect and defend all threats, and how can we enlarge defense coverage at a much lower cost? How to strengthen the connection between security products and how to enhance their threat intelligence researching capabilities?

Maldun SDNS Workflow

DNS is the fundamental Internet Infrastructure. It maps domain names that we can easily remember to IP address that we can hardly remember. All network devices need DNS to resolve addresses. Regardless of your network architecture, LAN or WAN, DNS is always working.

Maldun SDNS is driven by big data analysis and intelligence, establish security protection at the network entrance. It helps users resolve DNS and achieve security defense at the same time. Maldun SDNS does not increase DNS resolution latency, and it does not affect the existing security policies; configuration is simple, and no maintenance or updates are required.

Maldun SDNS intercepts access to malware links, blocks malicious callbacks, records DNS resolution activities, manage DNS resolution strategies. You can also learn threat trends in the DNS report and explore the threat intelligence.

Maldun SDNS Advantageous

  • Applicable to all senarios, with the simplest way to achieve security.
  • DNS layer protection, without increasing latency, or complexity.
  • Easy to deploy and use, no maintenance and updates.
  • Flexible network architecture, compatible with mobile devices and Internet of Things (IoT) equipments, and can be integrated into unified network management.
  • DNS big data and strategy management based on DNS resolution, threat intelligence and data mining.

Maldun SDNS Protection

Not just a static blacklist, not only work on port 80/443. Simplified threat detection and defense without having to route all network traffic back to security devices at office, protect all devices anytime, anywhere.

Maldun SDNS Management

Recording domain access requests and threat blocking activities; big data analysis with straightforward charts; customized blacklist & whitelist, web category and user access policy settings.

Maldun SDNS Intelligence

One-stop deep threat information analysis; global DNS trends and global domain name threat intelligence; control domain name and IP threat intelligence, strengthen the security strategy.